William A. Ferster

billfersterBill Ferster is a research professor in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, and director of interactive visualization at UVa’s Sciences, Humanities & Arts Technology Initiative (SHANTI). He has taught undergraduate classes that use interactive visualization to explore topics in American history and learning tools design. He is the author of Interactive Visualization: Insight through Inquiry (2013), published by MIT Press, and Teaching Machines: Learning from the intersection of education and technology (2014), published by Johns Hopkins University Press and the forthcoming Sage on the Screen: Learning using Media, also published by Hopkins.

In past lives, he founded StageTools, a leading developer of digital motion control tools with its MovingPicture product; Editing Machines, EMMY award winning developer of the first digital nonlinear editing system; and West End, a pioneer in PC-based animation and presentation graphics tools.

Rory J. Guma

Rory_guma Rory Guma is presently President and Founder of PSC, principally a commodities Consulting company whose clients include hedge funds, asset  managers, registered investment advisors, real estate developers, manufacturing, and engineering & construction companies.  He has worked for over 45 years in the engineering and construction industry mostly with Cives Corporation/Cives Steel Company where he was a Vice President and Regional Manager.  He also worked briefly in the public sector as a Director of Materials Management for New Jersey Transit. He holds both an MBA and BEIE from New York University and has lectured at several colleges and universities. Mr. Guma has been a sports competitor all his life.  He played basketball at NYU, 1967 – 1971, and was Captain and MVP in his senior year.  At present he is an avid runner and golfer.

Charles Guthrie

chuckCharles Guthrie is President and co-founder of Lynnhaven Marine,  Virginia Beach, Virginia.  His company is recognized as one of the best boat dealers in North America. Before starting Lynnhaven,  Mr. Guthrie designed business software and worked on one of the first projects linking PCs to IBM 370 mainframe computers in the 1980’s.  As an IBM and Honeywell approved contractor, he has lived and worked in Iran, London, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia.  Mr. Guthrie is an experienced diver and holds the Advanced Open Water Dive Instructor certification.  He is also an avid aviator and previously held a commercial pilots license.  He has been flying drones for the last four years and currently holds the new FAA Remote Pilot in Command license.  Mr. Guthrie is  an accomplished photographer and travels a great deal to the South Pacific, Australia, Caribbean, Mexico, Galapagos and many other locations to pursue his hobby.   Throughout life, Mr. Guthrie has always found a way to combine his passions and a collection of his work may be found at his photography website,

Raz Jaff

Raz Picture

Head of Protocol, Executive office, American University of Iraq – Sulaimani. Coordinates various functions to enable the senior university administration to effectively perform a range of key institutional responsibilities. These institutional duties include institution-wide planning, institutional development, relationship building with key constituencies, representational activities, managing critical events or issues, and broadly positioning the institution for achieving institutional goals. The executive office brings together a small but capable staff group with the skills and experience to support the senior administrators. The head of protocol coordinates the interface between senior administrators and Executive Staff experts, and acts as a primary point of contact with AUIS Board of Trustees, government representatives, ministries, international agencies, the business community, consular representatives, as well as with key internal constituencies.

Anne Kennedy


Anne Kennedy, a graduate of Mary Washington, has extensive experience as a systems analyst, project manager, and IT account manager. She has held lead management positions at Dominion Power, SAP and Delta Solutions. Currently she is based out of Tampa, Florida and is doing consulting work for the US Army with Alta Via Consulting, LLC. Certifications held recently include Six Sigma Blue Belt and the Project Management Professional (PMP). Outside of work, she has always been an active volunteer for such organizations as the Refugee and Immigration Service, United Way, and Habitat for Humanity. In addition, Anne has been a foster parent through the city of Richmond, Virginia. She loves photography, travel and yoga.

Cindy Lybeck

cindy_lybeckWith over 25 years in education, Cindy Lybeck is a veteran in the schools. She is an experienced classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, and Literacy Coach/Specialist. Currently, as the Instructional Coach at Richfield S.T.E.M. School, Cindy supports teachers one-on-one and in small groups providing guidance, training and needed resources. She works with teachers to focus on strategies for engaging students and improving student achievement. Cindy enjoys helping students and adults reach their fullest potential and believes that education is the key to helping children develop into productive citizens who will make a positive contribution to our world.

After the bell rings, Cindy enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She loves to run and read.


Rory K. Geyer

Rory K. Geyer

Rory Geyer has dual appointments in the federal government where he serves as a Lieutenant Commander for the United States Public Health Service (PHS) in the Scientist category and as a Senior Regulatory Officer for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Prior to this, he received a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in Public Health from Harvard University, published multiple research articles in top-tier scientific journals, and accrued a vast array of research experience from several different laboratories.  In addition to being a supporter of global public health and education, he is a dedicated family man, avid traveler, and skilled waterman.


Roger W. Geyer

Roger W. Geyer

Roger W. Geyer is a Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE+I), Developer (MCSD) and also has his project management certification (PMP). Roger was an associate professor (retired) of computer systems and information technology at the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani(AUIS) where he taught IT, business statistics and programming. Roger has a Ph.D in Instructional Technology, has published numerous articles on technology, and has presented papers both nationally and internationally on the use of technology in Education.