November, 2016

11/1 – 1001-1031_balance

11/2 – Roger Geyer met AUIS Board of Trustees and new president, Bruce Walker Ferguson in Washington, D.C.  Discussed scholarship awards this year and an expanded program for next year.

11/5 – rented a PO box in MEG’s name to receive land based mail.  $102.00

11/7 – Address of the foundation is now:

Mary E. Geyer Foundation, Inc.
STEM Scholarships for Women
P.O. Box 871
Charlottesville, VA  22902 USA

11/8 – Just posted Snur’s and Zanwer’s pics to the website.

11/28 – paid 26.25 for Virginia State Corp. Commission, annual fee.
website maintenance.  posted member in good standing certificate from Virginia