September, 2016

Re: MEG directors meeting with the following present and on the call
Bill Ferster, Anne Kennedy, Rory Guma, Chuck Guthrie. (Rory Geyer was not able to participate in the phone conference but did vote on the candidates)

30 minutes prox

Here are the highlights of the meeting.

Introductions all around.

Polling and discussion on the Engineering candidates: HH, NK and ZH; SH for IT. Although approximately 10 students asked for Engineering apps only three were accepted. Three IT students asked for applications and only one responded.
ZH and SH are our scholarship winners. After final confirmation with the school regarding their official standing, 3,000 USD will be transferred to AUIS finance department. 1,500 will be applied to the students’ tuition expenses. There is a small transfer expense that will also be paid out of the budget.
AUIS tuition is approximately 6,000 per year but Roger will confirm exactly what it is for the coming school year.
Lack of participation is a concern. Indications are that 3.0/4.0 might be too high of a hurdle. Suggestions were made that to lower the gpa requirement to 2.5 – 2.75. I will reach out to the department chairs to get their suggestions and we will make the change accordingly.
Suggestions were made to the decrease the scholarship amount and increase the number of scholarships. Three scholarships @ 1,000 each vs. two @ 1,500. There is no reason why we could not increase both depending on funding.
Suggestions were made to make one scholarship program for all of STEM at AUIS which would give us more flexibility to award worthy students.
Roger Geyer and Bill Ferster will meet with Bruce Walker Ferguson, new AUIS president, on November 1st to discussion AUIS and ways we might increase our activity there.
Possible agenda items for next virtual meeting (December)
Update of current inflows and outflows
Website improvement
All MEG financial and business activity is ‘public’ and posted on the Web.
Financial statements including cash flows
Board ‘meetings’ notes including this one.
Program Percentage
Defined as amount given over the amount taken in expressed as a percent uses 75% or better as one criteria for an ‘A’ rating.
Just getting started and with a small budget, we have a very high percent, 99%. This should stay in the high 90’s as we go forward. Discuss.

I will confirm the transfer and acceptance by AUIS when the transaction is complet.

Roger W. Geyer